Solutions for a Skills Revolution:

Skilling Up North America for the Future of Work

Technological advance continues to impact the workplace.  Plenty has been written predicting the future: more jobs, different jobs, less jobs, even no jobs. But few are telling people that they will need new skills, and more often, to stay employable.

In our new report, learn how employers expect technology to impact their business, how they plan to adapt, and how Manpower is upskilling people to prepare for the changing future of work.

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My Path by Manpower
“Jobs are changing and the skills employers are requiring are changing. MyPath represents a game changer in how employers invest in talent.”
- Michael Stull, Senior Vice President, Manpower North America

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World Economic Forum Report

Accelerating Workforce Reskilling in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: An Agenda for Leaders to Shape the Future of Education, Gender and Work.

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MyPath by Manpower:

A comprehensive collection of career resources to help associates prepare for the future of work.

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